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If they remain in working order year after year they are worth their weight in gold! A little pricey however like I said if they continue to protect year after year, so worth buying. Replacing broken faucet pipes can be very expensive and time consuming especially on rentals.

Works as it should

Nothing froze this year! Best product ever!

No more frozen pipes!

A good product that when used properly will keep your pipes water frozen free. Will be using these next year.

The Freeze Miser®
George Eastraymond col Hofer
Freeze miser review

I thought I could use them for my application but our water is too cold would be nice if we could adjust it for colder water down to maybe +34 degrees.

The Freeze Miser®
Denita Lucas
Awesome Company!!

Quick shipment. Had issues with the shipping company and they immediately resolved it!! Thank you!

Amazing. Kept my 100’ of hose thawed in -20f weather (-40 feels like) 10/10 would recommend.

The Freeze Miser®
Patricia Wedel
The best.

This is without a doubt the easiest way to protect outdoor faucets. I wasn't sure it really worked, but called and found out how to test it and it worked perfectly. Probably it would help if you included this in the instructions.

It worked all winter long kept my hose from freezing and fresh water to my livestock so I'm done with hauling bucks to give them water.

The Freeze Miser®
Timothy Caldwell
New review

Since I have only used the freeze miser for the last month, and winter is almost over, it’s almost impossible to give a review of how it works. However, I am looking forward to having this product help solve the issues which have occurred in the past to our pasture water sources.

Highly recommend!!!

I highly recommend freeze miser, was very skeptical at first but these things have proved them selves as a must needed item for our cold winters and watering animals. I will be ordering a few more of these amazing tools
Thank you!!

The Freeze Miser®
Hazel Greenberg
Too Confusing

I just cannot figure out how to install them properly, resulting in leaks. Despite the videos. I had a misimpression from the advertising about how they work and whether I would still be able to use the hoses normally.

better than frozen water lines

Love mine

The Freeze Miser®
James Breeden
Stripped threads

Used on cattle water tank and they bumped it and stripped threads

The Freeze Miser®


My husband and brother were doubters, but the trough with the working Miser on it was the only one not frozen 12” deep with ice. It was working like it was 75 outside!

The Freeze Miser®
welton carthen

I've received the product but haven't had time to install

This was a life saver during the sub freezing temps we recently experienced in Oklahoma.

Cannot like this enough!

These things saved our lines in every pasture and pen where they were used. We will not ever be without them again. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Referring Freeze Miser

Although we have not had any more freezes this year since buying our Freeze Miser's, I have referred Freeze Miser to over a dozen of my closest friends because of it's convenience to protect our water pipes hear in south Louisiana

Awesome product

The Freeze Miser®
Peter Gross

No more worrying about weather Temps for my RV. Hooked up with Freeze Miaer and forget about it!

The Freeze Miser®
Jimmy Vance

The one time we hit freezing it worked as advertised. I like the fact that I have easier access to the outdoor water spikots..