Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protector

Now the same patented technology used to protect industrial waterers from freezing is available for any outdoor water supplies.

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Faucet protection in just 2 SIMPLE STEPS: Hand-tighten the Freeze Miser on your exterior faucet. Open faucet all the way to ensure that water pressure is available to the Freeze Miser (Minimum 10 PSI). And that’s it – YOUR FAUCET IS PROTECTED FROM FREEZING!


WHILE THE USUAL winter faucet covers, fabric faucet socks, and the manual drip method can protect an outdoor faucet IF temperatures don’t drop too low, they often don’t provide enough protection to prevent pipes and faucets from freezing. Blue Penguin’s Freeze Miser PREVENTS FREEZING FROM EVER HAPPENING, no matter how cold the temperatures or for how long – made of sturdy BRASS, STAINLESS STEEL and COLD IMPACT RESISTANT Polypropylene.


The Freeze Miser releases only the necessary amount of water to prevent your faucet from freezing. Its patented design senses the internal water temperature, allowing no water to drip until the water temperature drops below 37°F/3°C. That means better faucet freeze protection, using the least amount of water possible.


We are proud to provide not just a quality product that fills a vital need, but we strive to offer the best customer service and satisfaction as possible. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a few minutes to read what others have to say about the Freeze Miser®!
George B.
October 26, 2020.
I have already emailed feedback to Vivosun. I received English version already. Everything was packed nicely and labeled. Sketches could have been better. Only disappointment is that I had to pay handyman $100 over estimate because he didn't have English version and had to schedule another day. Greenhouse is up. Will have to wait and see how it performs.
Leticia M Guerra
October 20, 2020.
Hope it works as designed, excited for invention
October 20, 2020.
No issues
September 1, 2020.
No issues
Milton J. Turner Jr.
March 1, 2020.
It isn't cold enough to see if it works...I'll let you know later...
Viola Starr
February 8, 2020.
works well
February 4, 2020.
Prompt delivery and just what I ordered
J and L H
January 16, 2020.
This Freeze Miser works exactly as described by seller. It has protected my water pipes from freezing this Winter, even in 20 degrees below zero weather. I recommended Freeze Miser to friends and family too. It is a great investment that protects your water pipes.
December 30, 2019.
don't know if they work yet time will tell then I will update

The Freeze Miser in Action

Freeze Miser Provides Superior Freeze Protection

You can protect faucets, animal waterers, water hoses, RVs, water wells, and more!

The Freeze Miser® operates like the thermostat in your home.


After installation, it senses the internal water temperature arriving to the faucet not the air temperature.


The Freeze Miser® activates when the water temperature drops below 37º F/3º C.


No water is released until the activation temperature is sensed.


The Freeze Miser® is on guard 24/7!