Mission Statement:

Supplying quality American made products to the consumer that provide reliable, dependable, and cost effective freeze protection for outside water supplies. These products offer easy installation and conserve our valuable water resources.

Freeze Miser!™

The ONLY outdoor faucet protector you will ever need!

Here are just some of the benefits you'll experience with the Freeze Miser™:

Conserve Water

The Freeze Miser™ cuts water consumption 10 fold during freezing temperatures. No more excessive faucet dripping.

Cost Effective

No batteries or electricity required. Purchase & install the Freeze Miser™ and have confidence in our 2 year warranty.

Time Saver

Installation takes less than a minute. Save time & feel confident knowing your faucets are protected from freezing weather.

Stress Relief

Once installed, the Freeze Miser™ doesn't have to be closely monitored. No more wrapping, insulating, or covering your Faucets. 

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Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protector

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