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Our mission is to supply quality American made products to the consumer that provide reliable, dependable, and cost-effective freeze protection for outdoor water supplies.

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David Baker


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Robert Dulin

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Freeze Miser family

About the Freeze Miser

Freeze Miser® is a temperature-activated, freeze-prevention product for your outside water resources. Blue Penguin has been developing Freeze Protection Technology since 2006. At our core, we are a family business built on dedication to the principles of excellence, innovation, accountability, professionalism, and integrity. The Freeze Miser® today combines over 15+ years of extensive research and proven proprietary technology that involves multiple high-end temperature-sensitive valves that protect animal waterers from freezing in feedlots, dairies, and ranches. The Freeze Miser® Family tries to provide cost-effective and “stand-alone” solutions for residential, businesses, ranches, and feedlot applications in maintaining water availability under freezing conditions.

Company History

Freeze Miser parts

Over the years, the Freeze Miser® family has pioneered several innovations in the freeze protection industry. The first three products developed eliminated the possibility of ice formation in livestock waterers.

  • In 2006, Freeze Miser® created the first of our freeze prevention products, the ICE SWEEPER™.
  • In 2008, we developed a product called the MINI-SWEEPER™
  • In 2012, Freeze Miser® pioneered the development of the MICRO-SWEEPER™.
  • In 2017, after five years of development and testing, Freeze Miser® was first sold for distribution and introduced into the retail market. It was launched as a freeze protection product for outdoor faucets and supply lines. It has many other applications as well.
Freeze Miser parts

Continuing innovation at Freeze Miser® keeps us competitive in the freeze protection industry. We continue our research regarding freeze protection. Freeze Miser® is a leader in freeze protection and water conservation, and we maintain the highest standards in producing freeze-prevention valves.

Freeze Miser® represents our goal to be a pioneer at the forefront of quality outdoor freeze prevention products. Our products use the minimum water for freeze prevention and are manufactured in the USA with exact standards that provide for many years of service.

Freeze Miser assembly

We supply quality American made products to the consumer that provide reliable, dependable, and cost-effective freeze protection for outside water supplies. These products offer easy installation and conserve our valuable water resources.