Freeze Protection for


Keep Pipes from Freezing Even in the Most Extreme Conditions.
Freeze Protection for

Outdoor Hoses

Easily Prevent Freezing on Hoses up to 150 ft.
Freeze Protection for

Water Troughs

Prevent Freezing from Trough to Faucet—and Everything in Between.
Freeze Protection for


Keep Water Coming to Your RV Without a Heated Hose or Electricity.
Freeze Protection for

Chicken Waterers

Stop Freezing at the First Sign of Ice—All Without Lifting a Finger.
Freeze Protection for

Water Wells

Access Your Water Year-Round With No Worries or Hassles.
Freeze Protection for

Pig Waterers

Ensure Water Is Flowing to Your Hogs All Winter Long.
Freeze Protection for

Pressure Switches

Reliable Freeze Protection No Matter Your Pressure Switch Setup.

Our Mission

Who We Are
Freeze Miser® is a temperature-activated, freeze-prevention product for your outside water resources. Blue Penguin has been developing Freeze Protection Technology since 2006. At our core, we are a family business built on dedication to the principles of excellence, innovation, accountability, professionalism, and integrity. The Freeze Miser® today combines over 15+ years of extensive research and proven proprietary technology that involves multiple high-end temperature-sensitive valves that protect animal waterers from freezing in feedlots, dairies, and ranches. The Freeze Miser® Family tries to provide cost-effective and “stand-alone” solutions for residential, businesses, ranches, and feedlot applications in maintaining water availability under freezing conditions.
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Easy Install
Install in less than a minute and forget about it.
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Winter Protection
Prevent supply pipes and faucets from freezing.
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Prevent Freezing
Minimal dripping activates when water temperatures drops below 37°F / 3°C.
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