Expert Installation Tips

How To Install

  • Hand-tighten the Freeze Miser® on to an outdoor faucet or hose.
  • Turn the water supply valve to a fully open position. A minimum of 10 PSI water pressure is required.
  • Install the Freeze Miser® in a horizontal or vertical position. In the upright position, the small brass end should be at the bottom. Do NOT install the Freeze Miser® with the brass end pointed upward.
  • If placing on a hose (150 feet or less) – Keep the Freeze Miser® off the ground to ensure the Freeze Miser® senses the water’s temperature only in the hose.
  • Expert Tip – Before the cold season starts, we recommend placing the Freeze Miser® in a freezer for several hours. Then quickly place on an outdoor faucet and open fully. Water should discharge through the Freeze Miser®, and the flow should stop in a short while.
How to install on a faucet
Using with a Y-Valve

How to install with a Float Valve

How to use with a hose
How to install on an RV
How to install on a water well / water system

Various Freeze Miser Applications

Functionality of the Freeze Miser