How the Freeze Miser™ Works

Now the same patented technology used to protect industrial waterers from freezing is available for ordinary faucets!

No batteries or electricity required.

  • The Freeze Miser™ operates like the thermostat in your home.

  • It senses the internal water temperature arriving to the faucet not the air temperature. It can be 40º F or -40º F, it does not care.

  • The Freeze Miser™ activates when the water temperature hits 37º F.

  • No water is allowed to drip until the activation temperature is attained.

  • As the water temperature fluctuates, so does the drip.

  • The Freeze Miser™ is on guard 24/7!

Contributing Factors in Controlling the Freeze Miser™ Water Release

  • Incoming ground water temperature that goes to your faucet

  • The length of the water supply pipe sourcing your faucet and if it is protected or exposed

  • Wind and cold versus calm wind and cold against exposed pipe

The Freeze Miser uses the minimal amount  of water and only when necessary or required.

Watch our test video: Freeze Miser™ Versus Hand Dripped Faucet

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