Freeze Miser® & Y Connector ¾ Inch Brass Hose Bib

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Freeze Miser- Outdoor Faucet Freeze Protector/ Green Valve High Quality 2-way Brass Y Valve with NPT Thread with Heavy Duty Washer

USES: Animal waters/Water Troughs with Float valve.

Description: Utilizing this Y valve on your water trough allows your animals to have access to water 24/7 in the most extreme winter conditions. NO Draining HOSES every time it is going to freeze.

Installation: Simply hand tighten the Y valve on the end of the water hose. Screw the Freeze Miser to one of the valves. Then screw the other side of the Y valve into your float valve. Turn the faucet to full open position. You are ready to go.

Note: The Freeze Miser will protect the float, hose up to 150 Ft. and the Water will drip into you tank and keeping a circle around your float from forming ice in most instances.

Also, reduce the thickness of the ice on top of the trough most of all saving you TIME.

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We took a chance on these days before the storm came and so glad we did! We didn’t have any of our pipes burst or leak. We purchased one for each spigot outside and checked on them occasionally. They did form some massive icicles, but we carefully removed them. This item saved us time and money in repairs. Thank you!

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This little gadget works so well, it's amazing. We just went through a week of freezing weather; when the temp was it's lowest the water stream was greater, as it warmed up the stream became less. No pipe problems even though we were around 16 degrees for hours one day.

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