Using Freeze Miser on Pressure Switches for Water Wells

Using Freeze Miser on Pressure Switches for Water Wells

We've had a lot of people asking: Does a Freeze Miser work on pressure switches on water wells?

The answer is yes!

In this video, Robert Doolin and I discuss what you need in order to do so.

Below is modified summary of the transcription of this video that covers what you'll need, what steps to take, and some additional tips.

Video Summary:

To use a Freeze Miser on a pressure switch for your water well, you'll need your pressure switch, a quarter-inch male, female-quarter inch tee, and a quarter-inch nipple to attach:

Attaching tee connector to pressure switch

This connector goes into your pipe and is where your pressure comes from:

Showing the connector installed on the pressure switch

Then you can attach a quarter-inch female hose thread:

Attaching a hose thread

The Freeze Miser can then be screwed right onto that hose thread:

Attaching a Freeze Miser to the Pressure Switch

If your connection is inside the well house, for example, and you want to run it out, you can attach a short piece of hose and run it through the wall or somewhere and put the end outside where it's colder:

Attaching Hose to Pressure Switch

Then you can put your Freeze Miser on the end of that hose:

Attaching the Freeze Miser to a hose

As long as the hose and water in the freeze miser are colder than the connector, it will properly protect the pressure switch.

Tip: Use a Valve

Here's a convenient way to hook a Freeze Miser to a pressure switch. In addition to the tee and the quarter inch nipple, we put a valve on here:

 Showing valve installed on water well connection

With this valve we can turn off the water so we can take the Freeze Miser off for use:

Detaching the Freeze Miser from the pressure switch

Then we can put it back on when finished--be sure to turn the water back on at the valve after reinstalling the Freeze Miser.

Additionally, you can hook a hose there and run it outside where it's colder, and connect the Freeze Miser to the end of the hose.

Protect Your Water Wells Today

Ensure your water well plumbing doesn't freeze over this winter by taking a few minutes to install a Freeze Miser. At under $30, the Freeze Miser is an effective and handy way to avoid frozen and burst pipes as the temperatures start to reach freezing levels!