RVs at a park with snowy mountains in the background.

RV Park Winterizing

The winter season brings some unique and potentially serious issues to an RV Park that should be addressed before the cold arrives.

Sustaining water and electrical service with 100% availability are probably the most important. To a lessor degree, a little sand for slick icy spots on walkways and extra propane is a good idea. With electric lines, a walk around to identify any tree limbs that might be close enough to the lines to warrant trimming before winter is a good idea.

Down on the ground, any service lines and/or junction boxes that are visually degraded should be evaluated for repair or replace.

A winter availability of 100% reliability in freezing temperatures has always been a concern. Many methods of preventing a freeze of the supply hoses, lines and faucets have been used in the past. To name a few would include insulation, heat tape, heated hose, yard hydrants and manually dripping a faucet.

Over 3 years ago, a new product called the Freeze Miser was introduced and has proven to be very effective and an economical method of freeze protection for water lines, hoses and outdoor faucets. Installation is super simple. Thread (by hand – no tools) on the end of what you want to protect from freezing and turn the water on. That’s it! Less than a minute to install. It will protect up to 150 feet of hose from freezing by only releasing water to ground if it senses the water inside what is protecting is lower than 37°F. Above that temperature it will not release water. The Freeze Miser is all mechanical. Does not require batteries or electricity.

It does require a minimum of 10psi water pressure to insure it can release to ground, water that it deems is close to freezing.

The Freeze Miser is only used in outdoor applications.

In some scenarios it can be coupled with a ‘Y’ valve with valves on each leg to increase the utility. With the ‘Y’ valve threaded to outdoor faucet and one of the legs fitted properly with a Freeze Miser, the other leg is available to use at anytime. This method may be utilized to protect the hose from the faucet to the RV also.

The Freeze Miser is made in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Freeze Miser takes less than a minute to install and years of freeze protection at a very reasonable price. Can be purchased at most farm and ranch and hardware stores or on line.