David Baker posing next to train tracks

My Crazy Dad – The Texas Deep Freeze Expert

 For over 15 years, my Dad and his team have been working on perfecting the Freeze Miser, a freeze protection device that you install on your outdoor faucets to keep your pipes from freezing. It seems unlikely that a team in Kingsbury, Texas, would be working on this invention, producing, tweaking, and promoting – all in the off chance we were to get a solid freeze.

Some called my Dad crazy. Why would people in South Texas want something like that? “It never freezes down here,” but yet he persisted because he believed in it, and he thought no one should ever be without water.

The FreezeMiser Family

My Dad and brother-in-law, Jeff Jubela, traveled the nation, but especially around our “home base” in South Texas, spreading awareness, educating, and hoping people would see the value of preventing your pipes from freezing. The only news person that responded to me in 2019 and did an article was Felicia Frazar with the Seguin Gazette. Many thanks, Felicia!!!

Well, here we are in 2021! After major adjustments when COVID hit, we found the simple things in life mattered… and then BOOM, Texas Arctic Tundra—facing yet another alignment of what the necessities indeed are… food, water, and shelter. So my “crazy Dad,” who somehow knew it would happen, it’s here!

Thank you to those who’ve bought a Freeze Miser! Thank you for believing in the Freeze Miser, my Dad, his team, and knowing this day would come. If you haven’t yet heard Freeze Miser, they are available on www.freezemiser.com, and you can purchase locally or online.

David & Kelsey

Here’s to the little things in life! May you all have warmth and water… And if you believe in something, people might call you crazy… But NEVER give up! My Dad is a little crazy, but the right kind of crazy, and everyone in our family and Kingsbury is super proud of him!

So if you’re a Freeze Miser believer and it has kept your pipes from freezing in 2021, comment below, or even better, leave a review on AmazonFacebook, or Google. My amazing dad and his team will certainly appreciate your continued support. 

– Lisa Baker Jubela, Daughter of David Baker