An outdoor faucet covered in snow during the winter.

The Best Way to Protect Faucets & Pipes from Freezing During Winter

Have you ever wondered what's the best method of protecting your faucets and pipes from freezing damage during winter?

We suggest it is the installation of Freeze Misers on every outdoor faucet.

To understand the value of the Freeze Miser, lets identify what actually happens in a freezing event without adequate protection.

Water that is subjected to below freezing temperatures will eventually freeze in faucets and pipes that are exposed to the cold.

When water goes from a liquid state to completely frozen state it will increase in volume by about 9% more than it existed in a water state. This growth created by the increase in volume within a closed system and no outlet for the increased volume to go, can create pressures that can far exceed 25,000 psi. Depending on what piping material is used, a burst pipe will happen long before the 25,000 psi is attained.

The burst pressure of typical PVC or copper pipe is around 3,000 psi.

Steel pipe has a much higher burst strength, but can rupture also.

Ruptured pipes create many problems:

  1. Water outage
  2. Repair bill
  3. Water damage
  4. Massive inconvenience

The best solution to prevent the problems described is to place a Freeze Miser on every outdoor faucet. Its reasonably priced, super easy 1 minute per faucet installation and warrantied for 2 years.

The Freeze Miser senses that water temperature and releases water that approaches a freezing temperature. This ensures that the water in the faucet and supply line can’t freeze. Its proudly made in the USA and has protected tens of thousands of satisfied end users that rely on the Freeze Miser as an easy, dependable and affordable solution for their freeze protection.