How to Keep Chickens' Water from Freezing in the Winter

How to Keep Chickens' Water from Freezing in the Winter

While the Freeze Miser is great for protecting your outdoor water lines to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, it’s also great for helping ensure your livestock animals have access to water throughout the winter—including your chickens!

We’ve recently created a video showing how to install a Freeze Miser on your chicken waterer, and we’ve put together a modified summary of the transcript of this video with a few additional notes and annotations.

How to Prevent Chicken Water from Freezing

To start, just install a tee pipe fitting on your chicken waterer and install the Freeze Miser off to the side.

This is all half-inch PVC; you could do with any size you want to. I just did it with half-inch because the waterer itself is half inch and it's easy to match up.

Once installed, turn on the water. This chicken waterer works by weight: when it gets enough water in the bowl, it turns it off.

Now, when the water temperature drops below 37°F, the waterer will start dripping and it will fill the bowl up enough that the Freeze Miser’s brass is in the water, which ensures that the brass is controlled by the water temperature.

If you get a little ice or something in the bowl, it will put out more water and keep it from freezing.

The Freeze Miser is a convenient and easy way to ensure your chickens’ water continues flowing throughout the cold winter, helping them stay healthy and hydrated.