Be wintertime LAZY – Let Freeze Miser work for you!

Be wintertime LAZY – Let Freeze Miser work for you!

Outside faucets around the home, barn or yard can all be protected in one minute or less!  Freeze protection with the Freeze Miser is simple and only has to be done once. Before cold weather sets in it’s best to prep, your outdoor faucets with freeze protection and we’ve got all the ways the Freeze Miser can provide that for you!


Thread the Freeze Mizer on the faucet and open the faucet to a fully open position.   If the water temperature inside the faucet should drop slightly below 37°F/ 3°C, the Freeze Miser will release the minimum amount of water to keep the water inside your faucet from freezing.  When the water temperature inside the faucet is at or above 37°F/ 3°C, the Freeze Miser will not release any water. SIMPLE.

A close-up of a FreezeMiser


Garden hoses used regularly in the winter months can be a pain and labor-intensive if the end-user must detach the hose from the faucet, drain the water, and store it indoors after every use in the winter. A Freeze Miser placed on the end of that hose (water thoroughly on) can save time, effort, and aggravation protecting the hose and the faucet it’s connected to (Up to 150 feet).

A FreezeMiser being used in a stable

To make it even easier and faster to use (less time in the cold for you), here is a simple method:

  1. First, thread a “Y” valve to the hose on the discharge end of the hose. One has two legs with small valves that can open and shut off water flow.
  2. Then thread a Freeze Miser to one leg and make sure the little valve to that leg is open.  The other little valve remains closed until you need to use the hose.
  3. Then make sure the faucet the hose is attached to is in a fully open position.
  4. Now, anytime you need to use the hose, you can go straight to the end and open the little valve and when done, turn it off.
  5. We suggest that at the end of the hose with the Freeze Miser, get it off the ground.  Hang it on a fence or something. The internal water temperature of the hose might be if the Freeze Miser were in a puddle of released water it has released for freeze protection.


RV water supply freeze protection for the hose and faucet is almost the same setup as the garden hose application.  Thread one leg of a “Y” valve to the RV water intake.   Thread the Freeze Miser to the other leg.  Ensure both little valves on the “Y” valve are fully open and the faucet supplying water to the hose is fully open. {Caution: Never use heat tape or heated hose when using the Freeze Miser.  If used on a heated hose, the Freeze Miser thinks all is ok. Meanwhile, the faucet could freeze!}

A FreezeMiser being used on an RF


Freeze Protection for Water Tanks – For folks with animals and water tanks, here is an easy solution with several advantages in the winter.  A Freeze Miser and a “Y” valve with one leg of the “Y” into the float and the Freeze Miser on the other leg gives multiple advantages.  Both valves on “Y” open, and the faucet is in a fully open position. {Note: Animals can sometimes rub the valves closed. “Y” valves with no small valves to the “legs” are available, or tape the valves in the open position.}

A FreezeMiser being used on an animal tank

When placing the Freeze Miser on an animal water tank, the Freeze Miser provides:

  1. Faucet freeze protection
  2. Hose freeze protection
  3. Water released by the Freeze Miser for freeze protection falls directly into the water tank and typically keeps a small circle free of ice in the tank around the float.

{Note:  Do not adjust The Freeze Miser for additional water output, but if a larger circle free of ice is wanted, add hose!}