About Freeze Miser™

A little history...

Over 14 years of extensive research and proven technology has made the Freeze Miser™ what it is today!

The technology used is closely associated with temperature sensitive valves that protect water troughs from freezing in feedlots, dairies, and ranches throughout the Midwest.

A FIVE YEAR engineering and testing project took place to ensure freeze protection that's affordable, dependable, and conserves water.

The Freeze Miser™ is made of these high quality materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, and Cold Impact Resistant Polyproplene.

Best of all, it's engineered, developed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

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Why the Freeze Miser™?

Welcome to a product that lives up to its name! A product that protects an outdoor faucet from freezing by releasing the minimum amount of water required. Robust in its design and manufacture. Impressive in that its installation is easy, quick and will protect your faucet from freezing for many years.


The Freeze Miser protects your outdoor faucet by automatically and mechanically releasing water from the faucet that has reached a water temperature of 37°F or lower (five degrees above freezing). The cold water released is replaced by source water that is warmer and the Freeze Miser automatically stops the drip it is releasing when it senses a water temperature inside the faucet of 37°F or higher.

The Freeze Miser does not require servicing, batteries or adjustment. Any attempt to adjust the product would void the warranty. It is sold with the knowledge that it has been tested multiple times before it arrives to the end user. 

The primary technology used by the Freeze Miser was developed by the manufacturer successfully almost 20 years ago. Those products, developed for a different application and still manufactured today, continue to successfully prevent ice formation in animal waterers. Tens of thousands have been utilized by Agri businesses to protect animal waterers from freezing.


The first sale, 19 years ago, was to a feed yard in Hereford, Texas. Those same devices are still doing their job! The Freeze Miser was a further development of that technology to address the need for a simple, robust and easy-to-install device that protects an outdoor faucet from freezing, while using the minimum amount of water possible to achieve that goal.


Installation takes less than a minute and no tools are required. Simply screw the Freeze Miser on the outdoor faucet by hand, OPEN the faucet valve to full open. If any leakage is apparent in the mating of the Freeze Miser and the faucet, hand tighten a little more until there is no leakage. Your outdoor faucet is now protected from freezing.

The water usage comparison between a manually dripped faucet and the Freeze Miser protected faucet is quite dramatic. Obviously, with a manually dripped faucet, it is set to drip before it gets cold enough to freeze and sometime after the threat of a freeze it is then turned off. The amount of water expended is all wasted water! The Freeze Miser only releases water that is 37°F or colder.


During freezing temperature conditions, the comparison is still dramatic. For example, assume 25°F to 32°F average temperature. A manually dripped faucet is usually dripping at about ¼ of a gallon per minute or 15 gallons an hour.


Part of the equation revolves around the issue that if a faucet drip rate is set too low, the rubber seals may close the discharge altogether and the faucet freezes, so most people drip at that rate to make sure that it does not stop the flow inadvertently.

The Freeze Miser, at the same temperature range will release about a ½ gallon per hour, all else being equal. Basically, the manually dripped faucet at that temperature range will use 30 times the amount of water the Freeze Miser will. Conversely, the Freeze Miser can adjust for multiple situations that may not be apparent. But always with the intent to hold a 37°F temperature in any application. There is a myriad of uses. 


One revolves around having a Freeze Miser connected to the end of a garden hose, 10ft. or 150 ft., to keep it from freezing. That might be a situation where the homeowner has a hose reel and it is easier to put the Freeze Miser on the end of the hose than take the hose off the faucet. The Freeze Miser will protect all, but there are several things to consider. After threading the Freeze Miser on the end of the hose, make sure the faucet at the other end is fully open. Also, make sure the Freeze Miser is off the ground. There will, in freezing conditions, be an increase in water released by the Freeze Miser connected to a long length of exposed hose. 


Once properly installed, the Freeze Miser ensures that your outdoor faucet will not freeze while using the least amount of water possible.


When you consider the age-old hassles of turning on the drip, turning off the drip, or forgetting to turn it off, along with other setbacks (e.g. wasted time, needless worry, and water waste), the Freeze Miser is the most secure, cost effective and easiest way to prevent a faucet from freezing.

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